Its a New Year…

well everyone welcome to 2011.. sounds so trippy saying 2011 aha its been awhile since ive done a post so im just sitting here bored overlooking the Dana Point harbor, so i figured this is a perfect time to post something. This is patio is awesome ah every morning when i come out here i start thinking about some crazy stuff aha. BUT when i look back on my 2010 i think it went alright, not perfect of course but good. I graduated high school, started contemporary cranium, and in the 4th quarter i put out 3 mixtapes. Id say that it went well, i relocated to georgia met some new people, and got way deeper into my music. Im extremely satisfied with the feedback from the 3 mixtapes. I think that for the new year everyone should try some all positive type shit, theres no need for all the negativity people carry around with them… shits not that serious. live life to enjoy and have fun, be a bawse… do you. I hope everyone had a great 2010, and a good party for new years eve… to all my san marcos peeps, it was cool comin down there to see you guys and it was a fuckin rager aha… well this is me, in cali, and the beginning of 2011… step your bawsegame up or get left with all the lames… BAWSE


until next time…



In N Out 3 Download!!!:)

Everyone In N Out 3 is finally here!!!!

The download is the same as the last two, so nothings changed just click the z share link below and then click the orange button that says download!

zSHARE – In N_ Out_ As easy as 1_ 2_

I hope everyone likes this, this is the end of the In N Out Mixtape Series…

Thank you to everyone who’s supported me, and i hope you guys like this one.

Keep on the blog to stay bawse…

Leave some comments peeps tell me what you think!

until next time…


Home Alone… Faucking Classic

Hello BawseLifers…
It’s finally Christmas time! Yee Yee.. Its freezing in georgia, even got a little snow the other night but nothing substantial. My moms bumpin’ Christmas music and every time i turn on the tv its another christmas movie…
Yesterday i was watching Home Alone, i dont think that movie will ever get old macaulay culkin is so great in it ahaha. To bad after his child hood he took a turn for the worse haah. After watching the movie i googled him, I bet all the people in Home Alone never thought that the star would be arrested for possession of a little over a halfazip, 20 bars, and 32 clonazepam. Imagine my surprise after just seeing this cute little run all over town like a saint, and then get home and defend his house against bad guys and all kinds of shit makin him look some goody two shoes when the whole time he’s probably stoned out of his mind and fresh off a mirror from snortin a bar or two. What really lies beneath the upper layer of childrens movies? I think they were trying to tell all little kids to blaze up, get super numb, and think you can do anything and it will come true. Because there is no way he was able to actually fight off merv or marv whatever his name was and his buddy with toy cars and shit like that. Well they got the point across i dare someone to try my house on xmass, because imma be high as hell and waitin for they ass : ) ahaha if he can do it i know damn well i can ahah.. anyways this was just a little something something. Hope everyones enjoying the blog, and keep ur eyes out for In N Out 3…
Know his ass is baked…
Macaulay Culkin is definetly a BawseLifer…
Until Next Time…

In N’ Out 3…!

In N Out 3 is on its way peoples, this will be the end of the In N’ Out Mixtape series. After this im going to be working on some full length works, possibly the end of january or so… I hope everyones liked what ive done so far and keeps supporting me as i continue to work on my music. Let me know what you think of this album art my cousin did his thing again with this one. Keep your eye out for In N’ Out 3 within the next couple days. Until next time…


In N Out 2: The Mixtape Download!!!!

Hey everybody… TODAYS THE DAY!!!

In N Out 2 is finally here!!

Same process as last time for the download peeps, get your copy over the zshare link. ORR leave your email in a comment below and ill send you over the torrent file. I want everyone who wants one to get one. The link is right here below, once your on the zshare page click on the orange download button with the green arrow over it. It should start a countdown and your download should begin shortly!! DOWNLOAD!!



zSHARE – In N_ Out_ Combo
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I really appreciate the support everyone, I hope people are enjoying my music. This mixtape doesnt contain any original beats i dont take credit for any beats used on the In N Out 2 Mixtape.

Leave your comments, hope you like…

support good music:)


any troubles with the download people let me know, ill help u out.

big thank you’s to josef young for the artwork on this one!



In N Out 2!!!

Hey everyone well todays monday, and Ive got In N Out 2 coming out tomorrow. I am very excited about the release of this one, I think people are going to really like it. The download process and everything like that will be the same to keep it nice and easy. If you don’t want to use the zshare hit me up at my email and ill hook you up with the torrent file, i want to make sure that everyone who wants a copy..gets a copy!

Im going to do a post with just the album art later, come back and tell me what u think!

Also id like to thank everyone for all the support last week it is greatly appreciated, and i want to thank you guys in advance for your future support.

COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! I want your comments and your input tell me what you guys are thinking. Subcribe too!!! so youll know whats going on on here : )

Until Next Time…

…Bawse Life



SOOOOOOO peeps recently ive been  looking for a job and its seeming to be really hard to get one… At least thats what i thought this dude broke it down for me… the real reason why people are unemployed ahahaha this guy is seriously funny.

until next time…

… bawse life